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Branded calendars made of kraft paper: a stylish and environmentally friendly promotional product

Branded calendars are an effective and unobtrusive way of advertising that will work for your business throughout the year. They help increase brand recognition, and also leave a positive impression of the company on customers and partners.

Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly material that is made from wood without the use of harmful chemicals. It has a natural look and texture that makes it attractive and stylish.

Branded kraft paper calendars are a great way to demonstrate your concern for the environment. They will be a pleasant gift for employees, customers and partners, and will help you strengthen the reputation of a socially responsible company.

Advantages of branded kraft paper calendars:

Effective advertising. Calendars are items that people use every day, so they are a great way to communicate your brand to a large audience.

Unobtrusiveness. Calendars are not aggressive advertising, so they do not cause negative emotions in people.

Style and elegance. Kraft paper has a natural look and texture, which makes the calendars stylish and elegant.

Environmental friendliness. Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly material that does not harm the environment.

Types of branded kraft paper calendars

Branded calendars made of kraft paper can be of different types, shapes and sizes. According to statistics, this is the most practical type of calendars because they are compact and take up little space, and are always “at hand” at the right moment. They can be placed at any workplace.

Circulation and printing

Branded calendars made of kraft paper can be ordered from us from 100 copies. Printing can be done both one-sided and two-sided with any of your designs.

Where to order branded kraft paper calendars

You can order branded calendars from kraft paper at any printing house that produces such calendars. However, if you want to be sure of quality at a good price, choose “Vasha Drukarnia”. We have considerable experience in the production of craft calendars and we will definitely be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Quickly, qualitatively, professionally. I recommend!!!
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Good printing, one of the advantages is the price.

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